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[13 Feb 2007|09:49pm]
my ego is the fountainhead of human progress. not mans.
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[16 Dec 2006|09:29am]
everyone is in so much pain! its like ive forgotton the meaning of the words regret, sad, and unlucky.

i should be stressed because the lack of drive and careing in my life is spinning me out of control. someone. touch my back. give me memories of pain and suffering.

YOU! - ive been waiting for your arrival at JHS just like you said you would. WHY ARE YOU NOT THEIR YET?!

zakk- everything will be fine we just need to kick out own asses and actually make something beautiful.

raul- is moving. okay. now i remember the feeling of confusion.
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[04 Jul 2006|01:29pm]
ounce. parasailing. snorkling. surfing. wind surfing. blowing shit up. fishing. hanging out with sharks, cudas, manatees, and rideing dolphins like i ride yo girl friend. there was so much drinking.and smoking. and coc. its like something out of....a movie with lots of drinking. i found out all my cousins are pretty. good thing im not alone. so much moooney for my upcoming birthday from family i never knew i had. aw and the baby cousins are soooo baby!
oh shit and the food.....we ate litterally LITTERALLY like they eat in my friend leonard!
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how can you not love this? sooooo ka-ute! [24 Jun 2006|09:13pm]
OneHitWonderfull [9:11 P.M.]: dougy wuggy snuggy!
musicmaster132 [9:12 P.M.]: goo ga
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[24 Jun 2006|12:25am]
mom dad yelling a lot. dad walked out. not sure where he is. first time in my life. my mom wont shut up and stop feeling sorry for her dumb ass . my sister is going to turn into a fucking slut. i made my fuck ass brother cry. rubbing 300 bucks in his face and saying "im a self made man you fucking life guard pussy" felt good as shit. i told him he isnt me and jennas brother because he hasnt done shit for us out whole lives. i made my mom feel worse by telling her the truth about how this world isnt how oprah likes to say it is.if i saw my dad right now id ither shake his hand or spit on him. you know whats great tho. if i were any of you mother fuckers id probly just go get drunk. thats cool tho right. oh and ciggarettes to. ass bags.

btw brittan thank you so much for talking to me....a lot today. you help a lot. even tho we were hardly on subject of anything in particular.
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[12 Apr 2006|06:49pm]
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